This is the evangelistic wing of the Church. It meets on Thursdays. However, this Thursday happens to be the Holy Thursday, and as a tradition, our church leaders will wash the feet of the disciples to emulate Christ.

This Ministry undertakes gospel rallies, crusades, conventions, house-to-house evangelism, and other forms of evangelism, etc.

These include preaching, witnessing, winning, and discipling souls, encouraging church members to participate in the programs and activities of the Church and to further exposing them to the various ministries within the Church. It affords members of the Church the opportunity to plan and organize programs and activities for evangelism in villages, towns and cities, and other specialized evangelism-related ministries.

It also carries out counseling sessions and ministers to prisoners and Rastafarians, emerging religious groups, the physically challenged, drug addicts, politicians, and hospitals; organizes beaches and any other specialized areas of evangelism.

This week is a wholly week that you ought not to miss. the ministry will reach out to people in need of God’s word.

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